An Insider's Guide to Launching a Federal Misdemeanor Practice

Unlock the Secrets to Successfully Litigating Federal Misdemeanors

Excellence is expected when you handle federal misdemeanor cases and there is no room for error. 

But what if you could...

  • Unlock the mystery of navigating federal courtroom procedures

  • Access templates, practice pointers and how-to case tutorials

  • And feel confident taking on LOW-RISK, HIGH-VALUE misdemeanor cases

You don't have to...

  • Refer misdemeanor federal cases out

  • Panic about all the things that could go wrong

  • Or worry you will look foolish

Instead...You can ADD a practice area + new revenue stream to your criminal defense practice!

Listen, we know you've tried...

  • Waiting for that perfect case to come along when everything will fall into place

  • Registering for CLE events that under-deliver

  • Seeking out mentorship opportunities that don't work out 

Maybe you think that this is a world of practice that is beyond your reach... 

You’re not wrong to be frustrated by the limited options available to lawyers who are looking to improve their craft.

The truth is…


Federal misdemeanors are a foreign world of legal practice.


And YES, federal court can be SCARY.


Because it's an entirely new space with new players who speak a different language.




And I hear you.


Maybe you've been telling yourself you can't do this because of what you don't know.


No one wants to show up looking like a complete amateur!


You're unsure of important factors like...

    • How to show up with excellence

    • Common terminology + case flow

    • The negotiation process

    • Customs + procedures

    • What to file and when to do it

    • Best practices for working with court staff and opposing counsel

    There is good news…

    The future is HERE and you no longer have to wait to learn federal misdemeanor defense work the hard way!

    Get ready to become confident in federal court and start diversifying your income streams!

    INTRODUCING The Insider's Guide to a…

    Federal Misdemeanor Practice

    Everything you need to launch a federal misdemeanor practice is available right now with a single click.

    Demystify the "black box" of federal court with a course that makes it easy to do the work...

    Features include:

    • Video lessons you can watch or enjoy podcast-style

    • Simple, easy to follow modules

    • Effortless search + find feature to get answers quickly

    • Clear explanations of the different stages of a federal misdemeanor case 

    • References to get informed about need-to-know laws

    • Step-by-step guidance from citation to trial

    • Tools to help easily decipher the terminology and language

    • Insider knowledge to decode the secrets of the federal courtroom culture

    • Insider tips on how to successfully negotiate with a prosecutor

    • Free mobile app for on-the-go access

    This course + toolkit CLARIFIES the process with easy-to-access expert knowledge, references, and resources to help you build your skills and take on a federal misdemeanor case with CONFIDENCE.​

    Get ready to transform your law firm!

    The Federal Misdemeanor Practice toolkit houses everything you need to diversify your income stream with minimal risk and high return.​

      This course provides all of the resources you need to guide you through the process without the overwhelm.


      We've carefully crafted this program with easy-to-digest video segments and practice pointers that break down the process, the culture, the terminology, and everything else you need to know to start taking on federal misdemeanor cases quickly and confidently.

      Your one-time investment includes access to these phenomenal tools



        Take a deep dive into a real sexual assault case and how a pro navigates a Class A misdemeanor:


        • Understand the timeline
        • Identify what documents you need + when
        • Complete anatomy: from citation though trial
        • Learn about the motions practice in federal court
        • What you need to know about the first appearance
        • Identify the most important people in the courtroom
        • What happens at the second arraignment/initial appearance
        • What to do when you need more time for negotiation and discovery
        • The important how-tos of an evidentiary hearing + suppression issues
        • The process for waiving rights + why you might use this strategy


        What you need to know before you tackle a federal misdemeanor.


        • Identify the common struggles
        • Learn the culture + customs of federal court
        • Find out why federal court is such a black box
        • Understand the different types of misdemeanors and how to proceed
        • Learn about how to prepare your client financially
        • Insider tips on overlooked wins on the misdemeanor calendar


        You don't have to question when or what to file when you have an insider guide!


        • Motion to Participate in Voir Dire
        • Tips for formatting motions correctly
        • What to do when you need more time
        • The Motions Practice: Process and Strategy
        • Proper procedure for filing a leave of absence
        • Motion for Bill of Particulars: When and why you might use it
        • How to respond to Rule 17c




        Federal court is no joke. Learn how you can thoroughly prepare and enter the courtroom with confidence.


        • Terms to know
        • A client's right to a jury
        • Changes in prosecution
        • Getting certified for trial
        • Pro-Tips for going to trial
        • Celebrating the "small wins"
        • Submitting a waiver of rights
        • Communicating federal court
        • The subpoena process: filing under seal




        Get a thorough understanding of the sentencing process and what you need to do to show up like a rockstar!


        • Writing briefs
        • Negotiating a plea
        • The sentencing process
        • Learning the code + court rules
        • Tips for "running the guidelines"
        • Constitutional vagueness challenges
        • Preparing for the pre-sentencing report
        • Guide to negotiating with the prosecutor
        • Tips for what a good negotiation looks like
        • Understanding the pre-sentencing interview
        • "Red flags" you should look for in your case
        • Making objections to the pre-sentencing report
        • Excellent lawyering: How to show up like a rockstar!
        • Navigating the statement of acceptance of responsibility
        • Interacting with your client: addressing concerns + pain points




        Take the next step with these insider tips:


        • Structuring and setting your fees: what you need to know
        • A look into the felony calendar (and how you can get started!)
        • Working with the Federal Public Defender

      Today's Price = $995


      This course will pay for itself with your first federal misdemeanor case!

      About Your Expert...

      Molly Parmer

      When it comes to fighting the government, Molly Parmer is a natural.


      She is tough, intelligent, and fearless, and was born to be a criminal defense attorney.


      Molly was named a Robert Woodruff Fellow – the highest honor bestowed on an incoming student – at Emory University School of Law, where she received a full-tuition scholarship.


      She was the founding president of the Criminal Law Society, a member of Moot Court, and on the executive board of the Emory Public Interest Committee.


      She received a number of awards in law school, including Outstanding Oralist at the Duberstein International Moot Court competition in New York and the Dean’s Award for Criminal Litigation. She was also featured alongside a number of judges, politicians, and prominent attorneys in Advancing the Rule of Law: A Century of Excellence at Emory Law, a publication celebrating the school’s centennial anniversary.


      Following law school, Molly took a job as an assistant public defender in DeKalb County, Georgia, where she represented thousands of clients on charges ranging from reckless driving to murder. She successfully defended cases in municipal, state, and superior court, and developed her skills in handling every type of proceeding, from first appearances to jury trials.


      Molly joined the Federal Defender Program in the Northern District of Georgia as a trial attorney in 2015. There, she defended those accused of drug trafficking, international money laundering, war crimes, violations of human rights, firearms violations, immigration offenses, child pornography, and allegations of white-collar crime, to name a few. In addition to federal trial experience, Molly also wrote appeals and presented oral argument in front of the 11th Circuit.


      Molly is a graduate of the Bill Daniels Trial Academy, the National College of Criminal Defense, and the White Collar Crime College presented by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


      She is an adjunct professor at Emory Law, where she teaches Advanced Criminal Trial Practice and has presented seminars on criminal defense for Lawyers for Equal Justice and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


      She presently serves on the board of directors for the Georgia Innocence Project and on the alumni board for Emory Law, and is featured regularly as a legal analyst on Court TV. 

      About Your Course Creator...

      Erin Gerstenzang

      In addition to being a practicing criminal defense attorney, Erin Gerstenzang founder of What Lawyers Do, LLC, has spent 15 years speaking and planning legal education programs for lawyers. 

      She is known as a dynamic, engaging legal educator who studies industry best practices and molds them into systems that anyone can use.

      Early on in her career as a trial attorney, Erin discovered a passion for helping other professionals improve their craft, and she built a national reputation as a sought-after speaker on a variety of topics ranging from trial techniques to design-thinking for law firms. 

      As top-rated speaker at legal conferences nationwide, she has honed her skills to capture, organize and distill valuable lessons from expert practitioners to help lawyers get smarter, faster.

      She has chaired numerous legal events including the Georgia Public Defender Counsel’s DUI Trial Strategies Annual Program for 7 years running, and she both chaired and redesigned the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers year-long Leadership Academy and was awarded the GAWL Visionary Award in 2019 for those efforts.


      She currently sits on the Planning Board of the American Bar Association's TECHSHOW, and is on the Faculty of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD). 

      In 2020 Erin was recognized by’s Fulton Daily Report as one of the Best Mentors in Georgia. She was honored by Fastcase 50 in 2018 and recognized by the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center as one of the honorees of the Women in Legal Tech 2019.

      In her free time, she also serves on the State Bar of Georgia’s Disciplinary Rules and Procedures Committee and chairs the Judicial Recommendation Committee of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. She was the recipient of the GACDL President’s Award in January 2020. 

      Combining both her trial skills, talent for speaking, and deep understanding of the needs of practicing lawyers, she excels at reducing the complicated and difficult down to the simple and actionable.

      Who is the Federal Misdemeanor Course + Toolkit designed for?

      This course is geared towards new + experienced criminal defense lawyers who are ready to level up to a federal misdemeanor practice.

      This course is right for you if you...

      • Are looking to add a profitable, low-risk revenue stream to your criminal defense practice  
      • Are curious about federal felony cases, but want a gentle introduction to how the federal courts work
      • Are an experienced lawyer with a new association and you want to outsource mentorship to accelerate their trial-readiness

      This course is NOT right for you if you...

      • Are an experienced federal lawyer lawyer who already knows the ins + outs of federal work
      • Are not willing to TAKE ACTION to learn a new skill and overcome the fear of the unknown

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